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қә әқә

ҟә – 2006

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275 ҟ. 500.

ԥ ҵ ҳ, ҵ ӡ ԥ.     қәҭ  қәԥ  ҿ.     ә,  ԥ әә , ҳ ҵқә  ҳ ҳҟ  , ԥ-  ҳ.  Ҳ  ҳ  ҭ  ҳҵә    ҟқә  ,  ҭқә  ҳӡ  ҵ,  ҩә  ҳқә ҳҵ…  
ҟә ҟ ә ҩ, . . ӡ ҩ, ҵҩ   әҟәқә ҭ, ҟ?!
ә  қә  ҩә  ҵ  ԥ  ҳҭққ  ҟә ә ҩ- ҵҭ. ҭ әҭ ҟ. әҟә әҷ ҳә ԥә  әҵ.        әӷҿҳә  әҵ қәҭ ԥқә  ә!..

Scotland, even though bigger than Abkhazia, has the similar destiny. Even now it keeps struggling for independence. Probably that is why, during our Civil war, events taking place here have been listened and watched so carefully. That is why, even after our victory, monuments are mounted in the name of those deceased, flowers  are  named  after  our  heroes,  friendship  bridges  are constructed... The  same tendency is in Sukhum, too: Highway named after Scotland, Street after the N. I Marr’s name along with books dedicated to this scholar, atc...
It has already been twenty years since Abkhazia and Scotland had maintained friendly relations. It is very remarkable. This small book is serving as the first bird symbolizing the Great Event. So, let this bird spelling good news bring many springs of freedom!


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