The North Caucasus: Histories, Diasporas and Current Challenges

Proceedings of the Sukhum Conference "Towards a New Generation of Scholarship on the Caucasus"

The North Caucasus: Histories, Diasporas and Current Challenges (обложка)

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Editorial Development: Dr. Alice Horner
Cover Page: Zeki Yildirim
Map: Ozgur Ozgur

Publisher: Kaf-Dav
Kafkas Arastirma Kultur Dayamsma Vakfi, Ankara-Turkiye


  • Map of Major Ethnic Groups in the Caucasus
    • Preface
      Seteney Shami and Ergun Ozgur
  • Opening Remarks
    • Seteney Shami     
    • Oleg Damenia           
    • Zeynel Abidin Besleney     
    • Ergun Ozgur   
  • State, Society and Citizenship  
    • Abkhazo-Adyghean Languages and Some Recommendations to Secure Their Future
      Viacheslav A. Chirikba
    • NGOs in Abkhazia and Their Contribution to the Democratization of the Country
      Ergun Ozgur
    • Caucasus Jews and Their Neighbors: Social Networks in a Multi-Ethnic Society
      Chen Bram   
    • Quality of Life in the Republic of Adygeya
      Cemre Erciyes
  • Economic Challenges: A Case Study  
    • Economics of Small States and Globalization: Lessons for the Caucasus
      Erol Taymaz
    • Economic Development of the State of Abkhazia
      Beslan Baratelia
    • Abkhazia and the European Union
      Maxim Gunjia  
  • Northern Caucasian Diasporas in Turkey  
    • An Overview of Circassian Studies Literature
      Zeynel Abidin Besleney
    • Some Consequences of the Re-Encounter with the "Homeland" on the Production of Local Knowledge: A Case Study of Circassians in Turkey
      Eiji Miyazawa 
    • Diaspora Nationalism as a Gendered Discourse: The Circassian Diaspora in Turkey
      Setenay Nil Dogan
    • The Circassians in Turkey: An Eastern Mediterranean Socio-Demographic Sampling
      Cahit Aslan
    • National and International Protection of Minorities: The Circassians in Turkey
      Sigah Sahin
  • Research Notes  
    • Demographic Conditions in Abkhazia: A Summary
      Astanda Khashba
    • Political and Legal Factors in the Economic Transition of Abkhazia
      Zaur I. Shalashaa
    • The Prospects for Abkhazia and the Stability of the Black Sea-Caucasian Region
      Leila Tania    
    • Emigration To the Ottoman Empire: An Overview
      Berat Yildiz
    • The Circassian Diaspora in Europe: Preliminary Research
      Cansu Denef Oktay

Северный Кавказ: история, диаспоры и вызовы современности

Анкара - 2009

152 с.

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